“Da Mieli a Queer”- Culture e pratiche LGBTI in movimento

 (Rome, 4-7th April 2013)


How many of Mario Mieli’s original ideas and visionary imaginaries can be found in the Queer Theory? How fruitful and fervid was his personal imagination? How much was he able to influence the “crazy” and “fabulous” LGBT movement?
March 12th, 2013 will be the 30th anniversary of Mario’s death. We want to celebrate this recurrency reasoning about his legacy and trying to answer those open questions.

First of all it will be an occasion to review the history of the LGBT liberation movement through a collective analysis. Instead of learning from someone’s version, we want to define our own interpretation of the experience of our movement. 
It will be, of course, an educational experience on Mario Mieli, his thoughts, his life, his imagery.

The secondary perspective will be certainly the theatre: inspired by Mieli’s scriptures and, above all, by his biography we would like to elaborate a collective research. It will be an experimentation lab where various artistic groups can meet and get involved. We imagine it as a theatrical experience where to practise on words, inside our body, our poetics, our imagery.

The political analysis will be the third pillar. It isn’t enough to outline the history of the last 30 years; it is indeed important to build our own history in order to define our political perspective and practices.
On the battleground of civil and social rights, the LGBTI movement is often relegating itself in the foxhole of same-sex marriage and LGBT parenting; that for equality is a dutiful battle but we should try to imagine new ways of raise and struggling, new practices, new intuitions.

We want to fertilize again the movement, out of the contingency of “managing” the ordinary issues. We want to have an imprudent gaze to look at new scenarios.

We invite all the interested (inter)national groups to join us in Rome from April 4th to 7th, 2013 at the Teatro Valle Occupato, one of the most important squat theatres of Italy, to meet, discuss our perspectives and practices and to share (new) visions, imageries, goals and desires.

Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli


Teatro Valle Occupato